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The Catskill Mountain Foundation’s Piano Performance Museum


The Academy of Fortepiano Performance
International Fortepiano Salon Series

       The International Fortepiano Salon Series was founded to offer a platform for informal online performances by and discussions with fortepi­ano students and professionals, hosted by AFP faculty and guest artists around the world. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, musicians are going through a very difficult time without live concerts, festivals, conferences, and other social settings that are so important for music to thrive. Online communications are far from perfect, but they have the advantage that they can connect musicians and instruments from their home anywhere in the world. 

       Each Salon will be hosted from a different location with different hosts or co-hosts. They will each give a performance or other presentation for ca. 20 minutes. Following this introduction, selected participants will perform short pieces of their choice from their homes, or talk about their pianos. All attendees can submit written questions or ask them live during the Q and A portions of the Salon. Professionals, fortepiano students, and classical music lovers are invited to register for this informal workshop-setting and exchange of ideas at the submission form on this website or at Those who are interested in performing or presenting their own piano, please apply to with a brief bio and description of the music and piano(s) to be presented. Participation is limited due to time restraints, but all are invited to apply. For more information, please visit


       The Salon Series will be held on a monthly basis, with events in January, February, March, April, May, and through the summer months of 2021. Invited hosts include internationally renowned guest artists from, among other countries, China and Switzerland. Look on the "International Fortepiano Salon" pages for updates!

Please note: starting times will vary according to time zones and host locations. We aim to make the salons as accessible as possible but this will not always be possible

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