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About the Academy

The Academy of Fortepiano Performance was co-founded by fortepianists Audrey Axinn, Maria Rose, and Yi-heng Yang in 2017 to provide an inspiring and practical immersion into the world of historical performance for students, professionals, amateurs, and audiences. Hosted by the Catskill Mountain Foundation Piano Performance in the idyllic mountain setting of Hunter, New York,  the intimate performance hall, rich piano museum, and comfortable student lodging are all in close proximity to each other and just 2 1/2 hours north of New York City.

Guest faculty have included violinist Cynthia Roberts, fortepianists Malcolm Bilson, Pierre Goy, Alexei Lubimov, and Andrew Willis, fortepiano builder Richard Hester, and scholars Raymond Erickson, John Koster, and Sandra Rosenblum.

The Academy is open to students, professionals, and adult amateurs. Advanced high school students are welcome with a parent or chaperone. Auditors are welcome for all events.

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The Steven E. Greenstein collection includes early and modern keyboard instruments including European historic pianos,

as well as American pianos built in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. 

A variety of instruments are available for practice, classes, and performances during the Academy, including:

From the Steven E. Greenstein Collection:

Faculty instruments:

J.A. Stein, Augsburg, 5-octave piano with Viennese action, ca. 1783

(replica by Philip Belt)

Erard Freres, Paris, Grand Piano, 1873 (original instrument)

John Broadwood, London, Grand Piano, 1842-46 {original instrument)

Conrad Graf Grand piano, no. 1389, 1827 (original instrument)

Anton Walter Viennese-action piano, ca. 1795 (replica 2012 by Chris Maene)

Anton Walter Viennese-action piano, ca. 1795 (replica 2000 by Paul McNulty)

Anton Walter Viennese-action piano, ca. 1788 (replica 1986 by John Lyon)

Anton Walter Viennese-action piano, ca. 1788 (replica 1999 by Chris Clarke)

Ignaz Pleyel pianino, ca. 1840 (original instrument)

Conrad Graf
2010 - present
2010 - present
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