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Program AFP 2023

aaa schoharie

Academy for Fortepiano Performance
May 28 - June 5

May 28  Arrival and Faculty Concert
Keiko Shichijo, Audrey Axinn, Maria Rose, Andrew Willis, Antonia Nelson, Anneke Schaul-Yoder
May 29 2.00 pm Masterclass Keiko Shichijo
May 30 8.00 pm Audrey Axinn: Mozart ornamentation presentation
May 31 2.00 pm Stephanie Schmidt: Square piano concert
May 31  8.00 pm Andrew Willis: Johann Gottfried Müthel presentation
June 1   2.00 pm Nature Hike
              8.00 pm Maria Rose: Mozart Sonata K.310 presentation
June 2  Lessons, Open Masterclass
June 3 8.00 pm Robert Levin Concert:
Ornamentation and Improvisation in Mozart's Keyboard Music”
June 4 10.00am Robert Levin Masterclass
             3.00 pm Student Concert
June 5 Breakfast and Departure

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