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The Academy of Fortepiano Performance
International Fortepiano Salon Series
Past events:
Salon #1: Saturday, January 30 2021, 8 pm EST
Hosts: Yiheng Yang and Maria Rose
"Meet my Piano"















The first International Fortepiano Salon, "Meet My Piano", on Saturday, January 30th was a great success--more than 80 people joined us from as far away as California, Switzerland, and China. AFP Faculty members Maria Rose and Yi-heng Yang introduced the series and performed brief fortepiano pieces by Haydn and Nicholas Séjan from their home. They also introduced the annual workshop of the Academy of Fortepiano Performance and played an excerpt from their concert on the newly acquired 1826 Graf Piano at the Piano Performance Museum in Hunter, NY. Participants included Matthew Bengtson, Charles Metz in California, and Audrey Vardanega in New York City; playing works by Mozart and Beethoven. If you missed the event you can still see it on Youtube:

Salon #2: Saturday, February 27, 2 pm EST 
Guest host: Matthew Bengtson from Ann Arbor, Michigan
"From Ann Arbor to Florence and Vienna"


Matthew Bengtson, Professor at the University of Michigan, co-hosted the second salon, following his exciting and warmly-received Mozart performance in Salon #1. Matthew performed the first movement of Beethoven's sonata op. 31/1 and introduced his student Angie Zhang, who played a movement of Mozart K.310. Wellknown fortepianist Richard Fuller in Vienna played a movement of a Johann Baptist Vanhall sonata, Patricia Garcia Gil gave us a brief tour of the Laboratorio of the collection "Academia Bartolomeo Cristofori" in Florence and played the first movement of Beethoven's op. 13 sonata. Finally, Hilda Huang (New York) played a sonata of C.P.E. Bach and an open discussion ended the program.

Salon #3: Saturday, March 27, 3 pm EDT

Host: Pierre Goy, Geneva, Switzerland

"Beethoven according to Moscheles: Legato playing, pedalling and piano traditions in the 19th century"

Pierre Goy, guest artist at AFP in 2018, presented a project he undertook with his students at the conservatories in Geneva and Lausanne. Based on Ignaz Moscheles' 1858 edition of Beethoven sonatas, the students explored their interpretation on three different 19th-century pianos (1820, 1866, 1898) and discussed how the pianos offered different insights into the music and how their interpretation changed with the different instruments. English subtitles were provided. Following the presentation, a panel of distinguished scholars, Sandra Rosenblum (Boston, MA), David Rowland (UK), and David Breitman (Oberlin, Ohio) joined the hosts in a discussion.

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Salon #4: Saturday, April 24, 2 pm EDT

"Women composers: the Salonnière and the piano in the 18th-19th century."

Guest host: Patricia Garcia Gil

From the Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori in Florence, Italy

Many women composers and pianists were well known in the music circles and salons of their time but were forgotten soon after their death. The women whose works we present today were all in their time although they published few of their piano compositions. Salons were usually held by prominent women or Salonnières. Their guests discussed literature, philosophy, music, art and shared their views and opinions. The Salon provided a unique opportunity for female artists to share their knowledge and skills on a semi-public platform--and in some cases the Salonnière was the artist herself, who organized private concerts. Today's program includes music by Madame Brillon, Marianne von Martinez, Marianne von Auenbrugger, Hélène de Montgeroult, Marie Bigot, and Pauline Viardot

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Salon #5: Saturday, May 22, 9 pm EDT

Pioneers: Fortepianos in China

Hosts: Audrey Axinn, Yuan Sheng, Yuehan Wang; Tianjin/Beijing, China

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Salon #6: Saturday, June 26, 8 pm EDT

Why Cristofori Matters

Host: Andrew Willis, Greensboro, North Carolina

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Salon #7: Saturday, October 30, 8 pm EDT 
"Highlights from the 2021 AFP Workshop"

Co-Hosts: Audrey Axinn, Maria Rose, and Yiheng Yang

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Salon #8: Saturday, January 29, 2 pm, EST 

"Improvisation in Historical Styles: Reviving a Lost Practice"

with guest artists John Mortensen, Nicola Canzano, Julian Jenson, and Gili Loftus

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