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The Catskill Mountain Foundation’s Piano Performance Museum


The Academy of Fortepiano Performance
International Fortepiano Salon Series
Past events:
Salon #1: Saturday, January 30 2021, 8 pm EST
Hosts: Yiheng Yang and Maria Rose
"Meet my Piano"













Salon #2: Saturday, February 27, 2 pm EST 
Guest host: Matthew Bengtson from Ann Arbor, Michigan
"From Ann Arbor to Florence and Vienna"

Salon #3: Saturday, March 27, 3 pm EDT

Host: Pierre Goy, Geneva, Switzerland

"Beethoven according to Moscheles: Legato playing, pedalling and piano traditions in the 19th century"

CLICK HERE to watch it again on YouTube! 

Salon #4: Saturday, April 24, 2 pm EDT

"Women composers: the Salonnière and the piano in the 18th-19th century."

Guest host: Patricia Garcia Gil

From the Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori in Florence, Italy

CLICK HERE to watch it again on YouTube! 

Salon #5: Saturday, May 22, 9 pm EDT

Pioneers: Fortepianos in China

Hosts: Audrey Axinn, Yuan Sheng, Yuehan Wang; Tianjin/Beijing, China

Watch it again on  Youtube:

Salon #6: Saturday, June 26, 8 pm EDT

Why Cristofori Matters

Host: Andrew Willis, Greensboro, North Carolina

Watch it again on  Youtube:

Salon #7: Saturday, October 30, 8 pm EDT 
"Highlights from the 2021 AFP Workshop"

Co-Hosts: Audrey Axinn, Maria Rose, and Yiheng Yang

Watch it again on YouTube:

Salon #8: Saturday, January 29, 2 pm, EST 

"Improvisation in Historical Styles: Reviving a Lost Practice"

with guest artists John Mortensen, Nicola Canzano, Julian Jenson, and Gili Loftus

To watch it again:

Salon #9: Saturday, March 19, 3 pm, EDT 

"Beethoven and Freedom of Speech"

This salon, hosted from the couple's home in Schiedam (NL) will present a talk by Bart van Oort on the role of speech patterns in Classical Performance Practice; as well as a performance of Beethoven's sonata, op. 27 no. 2 ("Moonlight") by Petra Somlai, and a performance by Maciej Skrzeczkowski of movements from a sonata by Polish composer Franciszek Lessel (1780-1838). 

To watch the salon again on YouTube:

Salon #10: Saturday, April 23, 8 pm, EDT 

"The fortepiano connection: From Amsterdam to Japan and Boston"

With guests Sylvia Berry and Chie Hirai

To watch it again:

Salon #11: Sunday. October, 2 pm, EDT 

Historical Improvisation: The next generation

With Nathan Mondry and Suren Barry

To watch it again:

Salon #12 on Saturday, November 19, 2022

An American Fortepiano builder in the Czech Republic:

The Workshop of Paul McNulty and Pianist Viviana Sofronitsky

Hosted by Maria Rose and Guest Host Audrey Axinn

Paul McNulty settled in Divisov, Czechia, in 1995 following his training in the U.S. and building fortepianos in Amsterdam. He is known as the most prolific modern fortepiano builder and his instruments are found all over the world, where they are universally valued and used in performance by artists of the highest stature. He has built replicas of at least 12 types of historical pianos, dating from 1750 to 1860.

We will visit his workshop and enjoy performances of works by C.P.E. Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, and Brahms by his wife, Russian pianist Viviana Sofronitsky, on an array of instruments. Viviana has a busy career as performer at concerts and festivals as soloist and in chamber music.

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