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The Catskill Mountain Foundation presents:

The International Fortepiano Salon Online

Hosted by Maria Rose and Yiheng Yang

G. Weiss

L. Carmontelle

Saturday March 25, 2 pm EDT; 18.00 UK; 19.00 Europe

 "The Accompanied Keyboard Repertoire in the 18th Century"

Guest Host: Pierre Goy and Friends

Between ca. 1750 and 1800 the vast majority of piano repertoire consisted of sonatas and pieces with optional accompaniments for violin or flute and sometimes cello. Works for solo piano were relatively rare and usually composed by virtuoso performers for themselves or as study pieces.

Pierre Goy, a frequent guest performer at the Academy of Fortepiano Performance, and his colleagues; early keyboard performer Jovanka Melville, violinist Liana Mosca, and musicologist Hervé Audéon, have explored this repertoire with their students and will bring it back to life in this salon, sharing their discoveries.

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Previously: Sunday January 29 at 2 pm, EST

 "Pianos and the Salon in the Eighteenth Century"

featuring Rebecca Cypess (Rutgers University) and Marcia Hadjimarkos ( France)


From our virtual 21st century fortepiano salon, we take a scintillating peek into the Salons of Europe in the 18th century. Renowned scholar and performer Rebecca Cypess will present a talk on "Musical Salon Practices and the Culture of Play in the 18th century" and share performances. Then internationally-acclaimed fortepianist and clavichordist Marcia Hadjimarkos will join us from Cluny (France) and perform French keyboard music that would have been familiar in French salons. As always, lively discussions will follow!


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