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June 22 to June 26 2022

The Piano Performance Museum hosts

The Annual Meeting of the

Historical Keyboard Society of North America

"Bach and the 19th Century"


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A four-day event featuring concert performances of celebrated early keyboard specialists, lectures, lecture recitals and mini recitals. The program will focus on Johann Sebastian Bach and his influence on 19th-century piano composers. On Friday members of the Society will present a marathon performance of all 24 preludes and fugues in Book I of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, which was published 300 years ago.

We are also planning to fit in a tour of the Museum on the first day, a nature outing on Saturday, and a forum on the state of historical keyboard building and maintenance in the U.S. 

Wednesday              4.00-5.00: Raymond Erickson Lecture: “Bach's Keyboard Suites: Historical Context and Issues of Interpretation” 

                                   8.00 pm: Evening concert featuring faculty and students of the Academy of Fortepiano Performance


Thursday                  9.30-10.30: Therese de Goede lecture “Galant Continuo”

 Session I:               11.00-12.30 Pianists and Bach I

  1. James MacKay: Bach Revisited, Bach Transcended: Fugue in Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas Opp. 101, 106, and 110

  2. Matthew Bengtson: JS Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in F minor (WTC Book II) and César Franck’s Prelude, Chorale, and Fugue

  3. Robin Morace: Bachian elements in works by Chopin


Session II: 2.00-3.30 Pianists and Bach II

  1. Patricia Garcia Gil: Carl Emanuel Bach: Probestücke Sonatas Wq. 63 n.1, n.2, n.6

  2. Yinghan Anastasia Chin:  Muzio Clementi–Sonata in G Minor (Didone abbandonata), Op. 50 no. 3

  3. Joyce Chen: Ancients and Moderns, reflecting on Maurice Ravel’s Tombeau de Couperin


Session III: 4.00-5.30 From harpsichord to fortepiano

  1. Satono Norizuki: Variation from Renaissance to Early Classical Period (Sweelinck, d’Anglebert, Bach, Latour)

  2. Maria Luisa Baldassari:  The Studii e Divertimenti by Francesco Durante (after 1746): Polyphonic writing and galant style in Naples

  3. Kathryn Cok: Giustini and Lustig: A curious exchange


8.00 PM Evening: Pierre Goy Concert (Weisberg Hall)

                                Franz Schubert: Sonata in Bb Major, D.960

                                John Field: Three Nocturnes

                                Frederic Chopin: Polonaise in Bb Minor

                                                             Waltz in Db Major, op. 70 no. 3

                                                              Lento con gran espressione

                                                              Mazurka in A Minor, op. 7 no. 2a

                                                              Nocturne in Bb Minor, op. 9 no. 1

                                                              Ballade in G minor, op. 23


Session IV: 9.00-10.30  German harpsichord composers

  1. Marcos Krieger: Johann Krieger’s Anmuthige Clavier-Übung (1699) – a less-known precursor of  J.S. Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier.

  2. Ruta Bloomfield: Selected preludes and fugues Ariadne Musica  (1702) by Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer 

  3. Victoria Trotzkova: Bach’s preludes as exercises in preluding: An artistic research approach to J.S. Bach’s small keyboard preludes BWV 924 & 924a


Session V: 11.00-12.30 Dutch, French and Spanish composers 

  1. Judith Conrad: Music of Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck on Clavichord

  2. Rebecca Pechefsky: The Spanish Fugue: Antonio Soler & Sebastián de Albero 

  3. Max Yount: (suite) in C from Premier livre de pieces de clavecin (Paris, 1704) by Nicolas Clérambault (1676-1749)


2.00-4.30: J.S. Bach Das Wohltemperirtes Clavier I 300th anniversary celebration: 

A marathon performance of 24 preludes and fugues by HKSNA members


8.30 pm          Evening Concert: Harpsichord music by Aliénor Commission Competition winners Belinda Reynolds and Aaron Israel Levin, performed by Katherine Heater, Joyce Chen, and Jonathan Salamon.



9.00-10.30: Round Table Discussion: The state of keyboard instrument building and maintenance in the USA (Richard Hester, Anne Acker, and Maria Rose)


Session VI: 10.30-11.30: Pianos and beyond (Museum)

  1. Gail Olszewski: American Women composers of Ragtime–A sampler (Koninsky, Niebergall, Ossusky, Afderheide, Egan, Shepherd)

  2. Artis Wodehouse: J. S. Bach and the keyboard music of three 19th C. American composers:  Edward MacDowell, George Templeton Strong and Arthur Bird (piano and harmonium)


Session VII: 11.30-12.30: Virtual session (Cinema I)

  1. Chih-Tung Cheng (A prelude and fugue from Bach WTC book II)

  2. Michael Delfin: A case for Cramer

  3. Paul Brantley: Yeeremynd” (2021) a chapter sonata for two-manual harpsichord (World Premiere), performed by Steve Beck.


Following Lunch: Nature and/or culture outing/Board meeting


8.00 pm          Evening Concert: "J.S. Bach and Friends"

                        Andrew Willis, Robin Morace & Stephanie Schmidt, fortepiano and harpsichord
                        Brooklyn Baroque: Jeremy Rhizor & Marka Young, violins; Kate Goddard, viola, David Bakamjian, cello, Rebecca Pechefsky, harpsichord

                               Keyboard concertos and Chamber music by Telemann, Bach, and Krebs

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